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One of the most challenging things a worker can experience is retaliation in the workplace. Whether you reported sexual harassment or exposed a wage and hour violation, your employer may take certain actions to discourage you. California has strong laws that prohibit an employer from engaging in retaliation in certain situations.

At the Law Offices of Scott R. Ames, our Los Angeles retaliation attorneys have assisted many employees throughout Southern California. We help our clients hold their employers accountable after an incident of retaliation. Since we have worked with many victims of workplace misconduct, we know what is at stake.

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Protections Against Workplace Retaliation in California

Under the California Labor Code, unlawful retaliation in the workplace occurs when your employer punishes you for engaging in protected activities.

Protected activities under employment law include:

Overall, these laws prohibit employers from retaliating against employees in four main situations:

  • When an employee reports that the employer is engaging in a violation of law to the authorities, such as Medicaid fraud or wage and hour violations.
  • When an employee opposes, reports, or participates in an investigation regarding sexual harassment or discrimination. California takes discrimination and harassment very seriously and provides this protection to ensure that incidents can be addressed appropriately.
  • If an employee asks for a reasonable accommodation for their disability or religious beliefs.
  • If an employee assists in a qui tam lawsuit under the California False Claims Act. A qui tam lawsuit involves participation in an investigation by a government authority regarding allegedly illegal conduct.

Recognizing Retaliation in the Workplace

If your workload increases suddenly, or you are assigned to less favorable shifts, you may be facing retaliation. Your employer may begin to subject you to a hostile work environment.

Other signs of retaliation include:

  • Sudden negative performance reviews
  • Denials of promotions or raises for which you are qualified
  • Denials of access to training that would advance your career
  • Exclusion from meetings or communications that are important for you to do your job
  • Termination of your employment

Whistleblower Protections in California

The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and the state's whistleblower laws were created to protect employees from retaliation. According to FEHA, employers may not discharge, expel, or otherwise retaliate against employees based on their opposition to discrimination or harassment.

To prevail in a FEHA claim, the plaintiff must show a connection between their conduct and the employer’s adverse action. In other words, you must show that the employer’s adverse action was a direct response to the protected activity. Showing that the retaliation occurred shortly after the protected activity is not sufficient for a retaliation case.

If you are terminated from your position in retaliation, you can bring a wrongful termination claim against your employer.

Serving Los Angeles and Surrounding Counties

At the Law Offices of Scott R. Ames, we know what workplace retaliation can do to an employee and their family. We all rely on our jobs to provide for our needs and to support our families. The idea of losing a job is extremely stressful and may discourage us from asserting our workplace rights.

We stand by each of our clients and ensure that they receive the supportive, responsive employment legal counsel that they deserve. We can assist employees throughout Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties.

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