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Protecting Employees in Contractual Disputes

Being offered an employment contract is usually a cause for celebration. Before signing the agreement, it is critical to review the terms and ensure that they are fair and acceptable. Although some employers play by the rules, others attempt to take advantage of prospective and existing employees by including unfavorable or unduly restrictive terms in a contract.

At the Law Offices of Scott R. Ames, our Los Angeles employment contract lawyers assist many clients throughout Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange Counties. You may be tempted to navigate the situation on your own. However, having an experienced attorney at your side can make a difference, especially with disputes around termination.

We can protect your rights as a California employee. Contact us online or by phone at (310) 935-0225 to discuss your employment contract.

Understanding Your Rights Under an Employment Contract

Employment contracts can cover any topic that the parties wish to discuss, including:

Issues that often show up in employment contracts involve nondisclosure agreements and covenants to not compete. Such clauses place restrictions on where the employee can work after leaving the company and what they can discuss during and after the employment relationship.

California takes a clear stance on non-compete clauses, preventing companies from placing this type of restraint on an employee’s ability to accept work in the same geographic location or industry. Despite this, many companies still attempt to include non-compete agreements in their employment contracts.

Termination Protocols in Employment Contracts

Another important issue in employment contracts is the termination protocol. A contract may contain a set of procedures that must be followed when terminating an employee. It may also discuss the type of conduct or specific performance that could result in the employee’s termination. Similarly, many employment contracts cover severance and separation agreements.

When negotiating these aspects of your contract, you have several options. These include:

  • Severance payment
  • Stock options
  • Rights to intellectual property that you developed or helped develop

These are just a few examples of the terms and conditions that may arise in an employment contract. Each contract is unique, and there are several factors to consider when it comes to your goals. Whether you are negotiating an employment contract or embroiled in a dispute regarding the interpretation of your agreement, we can help you protect your rights.

Pursuing Damages for a Breach of an Employment Contract

Some employment contracts never serve as the basis of a dispute. However, there are situations where an employer breaches an agreement to advance their own interests or take advantage of the employee.

Realizing your employer has breached your contract can be upsetting, but an attorney can advise you on your breach of contract case. The entire point of a contract is to reach a mutually acceptable understanding regarding the terms of the relationship.

If you have a valid written or oral employment contract, and your employer violates the terms of that agreement, you can bring a breach of contract claim against your employer to recover damages.

Explore Your Contract Dispute Options

If you believe a breach of contract occurred with your employment agreement, you may have a claim for consequential damages. At the Law Offices of Scott R. Ames, we are prepared to help you evaluate your potential claim, gather evidence, identify witnesses, and present a strong case.

We represent clients in cities throughout Southern California. We are also experienced in employment discrimination disputes and other matters related to the workplace.

Let us help you recover damages for your contract breach case. To schedule your free consultation, call our Los Angeles office now at (310) 935-0225 or contact us online.

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